About us

We are an international company that specializes in manufacturing solar cells with advanced engineering and first-class production equipment, we are dedicated to providing solar modules to our customers with a competitive cost and the best quality service.

Atlas Solar has been designing, installing, and maintaining solar panels systems professionally in Canada for many years. We are currently based in Alberta, Canada.

Our professional team provides an excellent service and will be guiding you in solving any question you may have about solar energy and will show you how to get the most out of the solar power system. Our organization is committed to offering you the most convenient system for your special needs and the best products and services available on the market.


Our mission is to provide clean renewable energy to businesses and homes while achieving their goals of investment.
We are currently providing solar energy to residents and businesses at a competitive cost while giving them the utmost professionalism that every customer deserves.
We provide this by communicating with you in every step of the way until your system is installed and producing electricity for your home or business.


To be the leader of the conversion process from a carbon-based energy system to a sustainably based energy system by providing businesses, people, and governments utility costs savings through the implementation of Solar Energy Systems. By doing so, we will be reducing the burden upon Mother Earth and its inhabitants through the reduction of carbon dioxide and other organic oxides that are released through the burning of fossil fuels.


Use it now for a greener planet!

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