Off grid solar solutions

What Are Off Grid Solar Systems?

Off-grid solar systems provide clean and renewable energy to residential, commercial and industrial sites around the world. Every day there are more people in Canada who get an off-grid solar system. Often considered too expensive or complicated for general use, the Atlas Solar team simplifies the design and implementation of battery-based systems where network power is too difficult to reach or simply unavailable. If you live in an area where electricity does not arrive, then you are a candidate for off-grid solar systems.


The cost of solar varies in cost depending on how much energy you use on a monthly basis and how many panels can fit in your home. But it is guaranteed that your bill will go down with the lower of solar!

The time it takes to install Solar varies on the scale of the project but typically takes 2-3 months.

A majority of homes are great to install solar. If the shade is an issue we do have ground mounts available! We have solutions for all problems.

All solar panels have an industry standard of a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Even though it may be cloudy, rainy, or snowing, solar will produce energy! Although producing, it will not produce as great as a nice cool sunny day!